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Carlo Basile

Carlo Basile, guitarist, has a Master's Degree in Classical Guitar performance and pedagogy from Northeastern Illinois University. His Master's Degree performance was titled "Flamenco Music and Spain's Nationalist Composers." Carlo studied Classical guitar with Anne Waller at Northwestern University for 7 years.  He continues to study flamenco guitar in Cordoba and Sevilla Spain with various teachers including Luis Ruiz ("Calderito").  Internationally, Carlo has travelled to and either performed, lectured, or collaborated with musicians from Rajasthan, India; Mirissa, Sri Lanka; Chang Mai, Thailand; Cebu, Philippines; Merzouga, Morocco; Camaguey and Havana, Cuba; Limassol, Cyprus; Zabalo, Ecuador and Paracho, Mexico. As a composer, Carlo written music for Clinard Dance Theater productions, various radio and television spots, and recently he co-wrote and performed all of the music for the Steppenwolf Theatre's production of "Sonia Flew."

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Las Guitarras de España:

Carlo is the founder of Las Guitarras de España.  He performs, composes, and produces music for the ensemble.

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